27 July 2017

Top 6 Deep Web Markets

Deep web is a hidden web which comprises 96% of the total web and isn't meant to be accessible to each and everyone. It is advisable to be extremely careful when one uses the deep web because it contains illegal activities and criminals as well. There are a lot of markets as well on the dark internet which are known as the black markets. Here you can buy, sell and broker all sort of stuffs such as drugs, cyberarms, counterfeit currency, weapons forged documents, unlicensed software as well as steroids amongst other illicit groups.

Now there are a lot of marketplaces over the dark internet, and there are a lot of scammers as well over these marketplaces. Therefore it is always risky to access these dark web markets. But we have combined a list of some of the best marketplaces where you will be mostly safe and can have secure transactions. You can buy various sorts of stuffs there as well. So let us take a look at those deep web markets.

Top 6 Deep Web Markets 

  • AlphaBay Marketplace

AlphaBay is undoubtedly one of the biggest deep web markets. This marketplace was launched in November 2010 and has rapidly grown since then to become the number one consumer choice worldwide. It has more than 230,000 users including the buyers and the sellers. Although there have been a lot of scammers on this marketplace due to its increasing popularity and demand, but still most of the users here are genuine and you can be rest assured that in most transactions you will get a genuine product.

  • Dream Market

It is another one of the newest deep web markets on the deep web. This marketplace was established in the year 2013. Though it is much smaller in size when compared to other marketplaces such as the Alpha bay, but the thing which stands out the most for this marketplace is the fact that the quality of buyers and sellers over here is much better. Many buyers and sellers from the now defunct Agora marketplace have taken refuge in the dream market. Another great feature of this marketplace is the fact that the commission on sales is much higher here when compared to other marketplaces. The commission is set at 4% which gives you very good deals and profits.

  • SilkRoad 3.0

Though the above two marketplaces are a bit new to the fore, but Silkroad 3.0 has been up there for quite a while now. After Silk Road 2.0 was shut down, it didn't take much time for the next version to rise up and take its place. Now only it has replaced its previous version in terms of name, buy it has also gained equal amount of popularity amongst the users. You can find tones of listings over this marketplace now. The major product available here are a variety of drugs, which is why this marketplace is majorly popular amongst the youth.

  • Crypto Market

The team which has made the Silk Road 3.0 is the same team which brings to you the Crypto Market. Not only has the developing team, this marketplace also shared its database with Silk Road 3.0. Sometime ago the site faced a lot of downtime, but since then it has seen a lot of upgrades and has improved a lot. Even the user interface has been updated and it has become one of the best marketplaces now.

  • Valhalla (Silkkitie)

The popular Finnish deep web market known as Silkkitie used to be one of the best marketplaces on the black market of the deep web. It was earlier only available in the Finnish language. But now, it is available in the English language as well. This marketplace runs on an invite system, which means that only an active user can invite someone else to access this marketplace. Doing this ensures increased safety in the marketplace. The best feature of the marketplace is that it has a nice and attractive layout which makes it quite interesting for the users to make transactions.

  • Hansa Market

This is another renowned marketplace on the deep web. The best thing about it is that it has only been a few months since it came into ex but has still got many users and a lot of positive reviews. Although the vendors in this marketplace are limited, but you can expect them to increase as the marketplace becomes a bit older. The developers of this marketplace have proposed that it is a very secure place and they also assure the uses that the administrators here cannot run away with the funds. Its interface is quite easy to understand as well and hence even the new users can get hold of it very quickly.

  • Wall Street Market

It is one of the most trusted marketplaces on the deep web. It is available in both English as well as the German language. It used to be the king of the black market on the deep market, but has recently fall a bit due to the emergence of some of the new players in the marketplace. But despite that, it is still quite good and trustworthy and the huge number of buyers and sellers over it justify this fact as well.

The Bottom Line

So we have seen that beside other stuff, the most popular thing on the deep web which has the most users is the deep web markets. There are a lot of deep web markets but you should not try to access just about any of those because there are a lot of spammers etc. which can take away all your information and may even steal your money. So therefore you should access only the popular and the trusted marketplaces where there are a lot of users as well. So take a look at some of the best deep web markets listed above and access these without any worry.