28 July 2017

Advertising Service

Sponsored post is great to promote your business and increase more online present.It’s a genuine way to build life-time advertising and save your marketing budget.If you’ve selected right blog, you’ll get effective grow your business.Unlike other paid advertising services. The sponsored post gives you the permission to publish your business reviewing on other blog.You’ll achieve high target conversion and   the same time.If you’ve done right with your sponsored post, you’ll be able to get more traffic from search engines and referral sites.You’ll get more subscribers to your mailing list and gain much more business power — more people trusted on your brand.

We offered sponsored advertising service

Blog Marketing Sea is a business blog that accept paid sponsored post from any advertisers who has similar interests.We have more than 6 years’ experience with managing our blog.
We are a wide rank marketing blog that grow fastest. The traffic was growing from day to day with no declining.

Hundreds visitors from many countries included United State, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Indian, Philippine, Pakistan, and other countries.We always hit at least %5 new subscribers of whole monthly traffic. It means that our mailing list is growing every day.We proof, you’ll get high ROI rate guarantee if you sponsored our blog.

Criteria of our sponsored post service

We accepted only quality business, products, and service reviewing. It means that every sponsored article must meet publishing guidelines.

Here the following guideline:

  • The article must %100 unique and over 1500+ words included at least an original image.
  • The reviewing must well writing and quality, no misspelling or grammar errors.
  • You must include friendly writing techniques to make better optimizing and catch readers’ eyes. Please use headline and other content visual aids
  • You’re able to place 2 backlinks to your products pages or capture pages.
  • The links should be different anchor texts and no repeating the same words.
  • It must “Nofollow” link attribution. if you interested in placing “Dofollow” attribute, please contact us.

Why we need high quality…?

We love our business as you love yours…, we want to give our audience the quality contents and professional services.Hence, we’re not just prefer payment from your sponsored but we care about building potential to clients.It’s a single reason that Blog Marketing Sea grew up faster than other similar blogs.We believe you love your business as well so you may not just want to advertise your business here.But you want to a sustainable growing of your business, the effective spending of your marketing budget.

It’s a high recommendation from us, your supplier. You’ve got to focus on high quality and build potential to your clients.You must give useful content, and high classified quality. We guarantee that your business will faster than your competitors.
In case, your teams were busy or you need to hire freelancers to write those quality article for your business.

Please check our freelance writing service.

We appreciate in helping you to write high quality content related your business…


Every advertiser who sponsored our blog will get extra benefits from the service. We will add 5000 credits of JustRetweet, you’ll get more people share your sponsored article.

You article will submit to broaded.net traffic generator system. It’s a life-time campaign and you will never end of traffic.