28 July 2017

10 Keyword Tips For SEO – Boost Your Blog Traffic With 500% Instantly

Bloggers always find ways to get more traffic for their blogs. You know the most important thing is to focus your blog post on a particular keyword.
If you have a post that is optimized for some keyword then sure you get the traffic but do you know the secrets to get 500% more traffic.

Just wait and use these tweaks in your post and get multiple times traffic.

  These are very effective tips to place keyword in your post.

1. Title

You must include your main keyword in title of your blog post. it is the main factor whether you are receiving traffic or not . If you put keyword title then search engines give priority to your posts when someone enters query related to your keyword.

2. Blog URL

Blog URL is also the valuable place where you must have main keyword. You can use short blog url that consists of your targeted keyword to get better results.

3. Meta Description

Meta description is also an important place that gives your post extra weight when search engines crawl web pages for search query results.

4. Links

Inserting keywords in links also created a good way to receive more traffic. If you interlink blog post with the focus word then sure visitor and search engine will display these posts in search results.

5. Sub Headings

Inserting these words in subhead creates a good impact in search. Your post will be easily discovered if you have focus keyword in any heading, or special formatting like bold, italic or underline.

6. First Paragraph

Putting the targeted keyword in the first paragraph is considered as a good SEO strategy. You will get more views of your post if you have placed keyword in first paragraph.

7. In Image Alt tags

Using your keyword as alt tags of images is a great source of traffic from search engines .Thus use these words in image attribute.

8. Keyword Phrases (Words Include Keyword)

Off course created phrases that contains keyword is a fantastic strategy to drive traffic through Search engines. For example if you are having focus keyword money then you can use phrase like make money, earn money, make money online etc.

9. Keyword Flexible Words

It is a great strategy to use common sense when you are creating a blog post. If you are targeting some keyword then you should use words that contains that keyword to get more traffic like if you are focusing on keyword blog then if you use words like blogger and blogging then you can see if anyone search for keyword blog then automatically these words will also comes in search results. So why not use this hidden strategy to make some extra traffic.

10. Keyword Synonyms 

Using keyword synonyms are great ways to receive more traffic as not all use the same word for single thing. Like if you are optimizing the word money then using revenue, bucks, sum, funds etc can also give you extra traffic.

Hope these tips will transform your blog in to a great traffic origin and if you follow these strategies on all your posts then soon your blog will be a popular blog.