17 April 2017


Once you comprise the idea of Blogging into On-line Journalism it could be easy to understand for the newbie bloggers but when it comes to make money from it, they don’t get it. We all bloggers pursue the aspiration of making our own blog to explore our passion, skills as well as make money from it. There is no doubt that blogging is a very good medium of making some money depending on the wish and efforts of an individual whether he/she wants to manage their pocket money with it or wants to make enough money to make a full time living from it. There are lots of ways through which you can make money from your blog, and as a compensation all you need to give is quality and time. Because there is no such way through which you can make money from your blog right after creating it. If you have the urge of making money from your blog then all you have to do is keep blogging until or unless your blog makes its identity worldwide and comes under the first top million blogs.
Though, here in this article we are going to tell you guys about some essential steps or tips which you need to follow to start making money from your blog, but still you need to keep in mind one key thing that “If you want to generate money from your blog, then you need to keep blogging regularly at least for six entire months”.
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Here are some key points which you need to verify about your blog before you get the thought of making money from it.
  • Your blog should contain some quality articles followed by some highly popular articles in terms of the count of visitors for those particular articles.
  • Your blog should get update with some fresh articles at least in a span of 48 hours.
  • You should have at least over 30,000 daily page-views followed by at least over 3000 daily unique visitors worldwide.
  • Your blog should fall under the top million blogs according to the Alexa ranks.
  • Please double check your blogs articles so that they should not get black listed by Google AdSense as well as other sponsors for any type of duplicity.
  • Your blog should be well optimized in the search engines.
  • Your blog should have a good number of quality backlinks from some well authoritative websites /blogs.
  • Your have to protect your blogs articles form any type of copyright act. For that you can submit your blog in DMCA, which will make your blog copyright protected.
  • It will be smoother for you to get a quick approval from Google AdSense if your blog gets a PageRank form Google.
NOTE : You can also see “7 IMPORTANT TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR GOOGLE PAGERANK to get or improve your blogs PR.
Okay Bloggers, if your blog meets all the criteria, which we mentioned above then it is eligible to make money for you.
There are few different ways, depending on the different types of blogs, through which you can make money from blogging. Hence we recommend you to use or at least give a try for all the methods which can generate money for your blog. Please note that you must have to create a PAY-PAL account or some alternatives of that for any type of transactions.


AdSense is always the basic as well as mostly preferred advertising medium through which you can make money from your blog. If you have a plan to put advertisement in your blog in terms of generating money then it is always better to go for AdSense, as it is one of the biggest advertising networks available worldwide, which also allows you to take the opportunity of working with a wide range of advertisers.
If you want to put an AdSense advertisement in your blog, post confirmation from Google AdSense itself, then all you need to do is just copy and paste the code, given for a particular advertisement, in your blog.


Infolinks is an another platform to make money for the website owners as well as for the bloggers. It is also one of the largest advertising medium. The company provides in-text advertising services. Infolink actually create some Do-Follow links in your articles which redirect the viewers in different web pages, and as the owner of your website you gets some amount for every clicks on those links. But do remember until or unless you gather $100 in your account through Infolink, you will not be able to withdraw any money from your online account.


Chitika, inc. is one more growing advertising company which has come back on their track again since 2009. Chitika started their business on 2003 and on 2009 they collaborated with b5media Network. On 2010 Chitika began their partnership with Yahoo as a replacement of Yahoo Publisher Network Online, which was Yahoos, AdSense competitor. Recently Yahoo announced to extend their partnership with Chitika and now they are serving over 2 to 3 billions of advertisements per month.
Above 3 companies are the most popular and common advertising companies all across the web. Besides that you can also try some more links given below, which may help you if you want to make money through your blog by putting advertisements only.


Their are some websites which pays you for your contents. This websites find advertisers, who are looking for some paid articles as per their requirements. Now those websites creates a scope for the bloggers to write some quality articles and get paid for so, only if that article is relevant to the given topic and maintain all the terms and services of those sites.
Here are some such websites which allows the bloggers to generate an income for their post or articles.


The Amazon.com has their Amazon Associates program, through which they will allow you to put advertisements for their products. Now if a visitor click on those Advertisements and make some purchase, you will get a percentage of the sales. You will make money through Amazon Associates program only if your blog/websites visitors buy some products from Amazon, and the percentage also will not be fixed. Most of the time Amazon offers up to 10% of a sell. But again it will vary depending on the products as well as the number of people clicking on your links.
Do remember that you will not only get paid for the specific product that you are advertising, but also for all the products that visitors will buy after following your links.
Here are some more websites including Amazon.com, which offers you money for sharing their products advertisements on your blog.


Once you find that your blog has got enough reputation and visitors, you can go for private ad sales and sponsorships to make more money.
In this case you need to have enough skill to approach some reputed companies about placing ads on your blog pages. But again, for that also, your blog needs to have sufficient daily unique visitors, like above 20000 worldwide, to get an approval from those companies. Because once you approach them about placing adds on your website, the first thing they will look out for is how much customers they can expect from your website.


Making money through your blog might not be a big problem as once you get reputation among the companies and other marketing websites, you automatically will be able to find out many ways through which you will be able to generate enough money from your blog. But prior to all these you need to keep in mind that what you need to do very carefully is making your blog eligible for all these.
Once your blog grows in terms of ranking and popularity you can also try approaching some small companies and websites to generate a marketing partnership with you. Which means you will post a link of their product on your blog page and if people clicks on those links and redirect to their website and orders it, then you will be benefited with a percentage of the sale.

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