05 August 2013

E-mail Spiders

Today i will share you about a interesting thing i.e. E-Mail Spiders, Have you ever wondered how spammers generate a huge mailing Database ??

They pick tons of e-mail addresses by searching in the Internet

All they need is a web spidering tool picking up e-mail addresses and storing them to a database.


These tools are such intelligent code if they run for few hours , they can capture hundreds of thousand of e-mail addresses

Some tools are as follows :

Web Data Extractor

1st E-mail Address Spider

Power Email Collector Tool – it can collect upto 750,000 unique valid email addresses per hour.

How does it work ??

Just enter a domain that you want to collect email addresses from and press the start button, the program opens up many simultaneous connection to the domain and begins collecting addresses.Many people wonder how they possibly get on these lists. Often, the culprit is an email spider that ignores robots.txt files. They crawl through message boards, Web sites, and any online forum that might contain email addresses. The spiders search the Web until they have extracted a certain number of email addresses. Then they triumphantly crawl back to their evil masters with a list of victims

This tool is also helpful in Footprinting for gathering information of an Organization.

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E-mail Spiders