28 July 2013

Reconnaissance as Footprinting

The objective of this post is about to learn about First phase of  attack that is Reconnaissance. How Reconnaissance perform ???. if you join our session from this post so i will suggest to read further post in categories of Learn Abc of ethical hacking

As we already read about Reconnaissance ie its is a preparatory phase where we gather all the information regarding Victim.Its the first step of Steps perform by hacker.


Footprinting is the blueprint of the security profile of an Organization undertaken in a methodological manner. We already talk about Footprinting. Now we discuss further

Steps of Footprinting

  1.  Find companie’s external and internal URLs

  2. Perform Whois lookup for personl detail

  3. Extract DNS information

  4. Mirror the entire websie an look up names

  5. Extract archives of the website

  6. Google search for company’s news and press releases

  7. Use people search for personal information of employees

  8. Find the physical location of the web server like neo tracer tool

  9. Analyze company’s infrastructure details from job postings

  10. Track the email.

There are certain things which is required for Reconnaissance phase is like Footprinting , Competitive Intelligence Gathering , E-mail Spiders , List of Footprinting tools and Website Copier. Some of these topic are already posted and some of will be publish as soon as possible.

Next Phase is should be Scanning which will be published shortly.

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Reconnaissance as Footprinting