22 July 2013

GNIIT course some real insights

I was wondering in country like India where you can find a computer center in every other home , a college offering computer course in every other street do joining GNIIT course give you edge over others ?
Is it worth investing your time and money in GNIIT course ? what should be the parameters of judging whether GNIIT course is good or bad . My mind was boggling very hard . i did my research . Took part in various discussions , talked to current and previous students who had taken a GNIIT course

Although you can see very beautiful adds of GNIIT course all over the media including newspapers and TV , i don’t think joining GIIT course is any worth .


Here are the reasons and comment

comparison between various centers like delhi center and pune center

By one student
The entire team of NIIT staff, faculty, centre head, accountants. it’s a complete mess out there.NiiT South Ex which claims to be one of the Best Centers in Asia i don’t even consider it to be a Model Centre any more.
It’s A Complete mess out there and best exapmle of highly mismanaged institute.
It’s not worth Being A Student Of NIIT

of course this student is very aggressive.


In terms of faculty i don’t think it’s even eligible for rating .Half the time our staff never turned up for classes. They never completely taught us the syllabus . During the final online exams they simply helped us to answer all the questions correctly .i have witnessed NIIT faculty helping students during exams for the GNIIT course.In some other batch the faculty are so bad that they walked out of the room and the students are having a gala time.

A GNIIT course

wish you could have posted it earlier. i wasted nearly 27k in NIIT Nungambakam. Guys don’t ever think of joining niit.i took .NET course which cover C#,ADO.NET and ASP.NET.first i was given a good trainer ( by luck it seems ) but it lasted only a couple of months.then comes the interesting part.A new MCA guy who don’t even have a basic qualification of proper communication started teach us.he never thought us actually he use to skip a lot and in fear treated people like a kid in schools.i reported about him to GL guess what they told “i only have problem” damn it and i silently studied my self from Microsoft materials.


Don’t bother to join it for placement . there are absolutely 0 placements.

This was my research on NIIT and GNIIT course offered at their centers across country. Do your own research if you want to be completely sure .

GNIIT course some real insights