29 July 2013

Competitive Intelligence Gathering

In this post i will try to make you learn a Competitive Intelligence Gathering to be used as a tool For footprinting. Because that’s the sole purpose why we are here.
Its a intelligent way to find the info. , basically its a process of gathering information about your competitors from resources such as the Internet.


Competitive Intelligence Gathering

We try to cover as Competitive Intelligence Gathering in Footprinting sense. Now the next thing is Why its needed ???
In today’s scenario, there is a cut throat competition in every sector. so it’s our work to keep an eye on our competitors. So Competitive Intelligence is needed to

  • compare your product with competitors product ,

  • Analyze your company position wrt competitiors

  • produce a profile of entire team

  • predict there tactics and method on their previous track record

Now next thing is how it should be done, so here are some ways by which you can perform Competitive Intelligence Gathering.

Competitive Intelligence Resource Index – “ bidigital.com/ci “a search engine and list of sites for finding CI resources.

  1. Companies providing Competitive Intellience Services

  2. Carratu International (www.carratu.com)

  3. CI Centre (cicentre.com)

  4. Corporate Crime management (www.assesstherisk.com)

  5. Marven Consulting Group (www.marwen.ca)

  6. Security Sciences Corporation (securitysciences.com)

  7. Lubrinco (www.lubrinco.com)

Competitive Intelligence Tool

Trellian – Trellian compiles and analyzes internet usage statictics to create a powerful competitive
tool that no buisness should be without

Web Investigator – its check sources , public databases and proprietary search databaese and allows to download and view reports of records

Relevant noise – Its a subscription based online search service that mines social media for buisness intelligence.

Reputica – The Reputica dashboard provides online source of information abou you repuation, with links to the primary sources which causes you reputica rating to go up or down.

Its enough information regarding Competitive intelligence gathering because our sole purpose is to use it as tool for Footprinting.

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Competitive Intelligence Gathering