14 June 2013

Web Anonymizer

Web anonymizer

Web anonymizer (sometimes just referred to as an anonymizer, although the term Anonymizer is trademarked) is a privacy service that allows a user to visit Web sites without allowing anyone to gather information about which sites the user visited.  Anonymous Web surfing is popular for two reasons: to protect the user’s privacy and/or to bypass blocking applications that would prevent access to Web sites or parts of sites that the user wants to visit.

anonymous surfing Web anonymizer

Web anonymizer

Anonymous browsing – how does it work (Web anonymizer)

In a regular case your web browser connects to the web site directly. Thus revealing quite a lot of sensitive information. An orange arrow denotes this case in the block scheme.

procy Web anonymizer

Web anonymizer

To change this situation Proxy Switcher was written. It can be used to find working anonymous proxy servers and redirect requests through them. Anonymous browsing works by putting a buffer between you and the Web site you want to look at, allowing you to view information without being tracked.

how to do anonymous web surfing (Web anonymizer)

  •  Anonymous Web Browsers That Are Completely Private

A good way to protect our information on the web is to surf the web anonymously, like using Google Chrome’s Incognito mode. To go incognito full-time though, you may want to take a look at the following anonymous web browsers.


  • Proxy Resources

There are literally hundreds of free proxies out there; here are just a few:

  • ByPassIt: A free website that you can use to bypass work, school, and other firewalls to visit any website you want.

  • Anonymouse: This service allows you to surf the web without revealing any personal information.

  • HideAndGoSurf.com:You can choose which information you’d like stripped from the record here.

  • Tor: Using Tor can help you anonymize web browsing and publishing, instant messaging, IRC, SSH, and other applications that use the TCP protocol.

  • 250 Working Proxies: the biggest list I’ve ever seen of anonymous proxies.

Setting Up a Proxy in your browser is also nice option to surfing web anonymously.

Web Anonymizer