07 April 2013

Unlock IDEA Net Setter

Unlock IDEA Net Setter –Easiest way , some people are unlocks this net setter in 200 RS. But here i am going to tell you the actual technique to unlock IDEA Net setter. well i am also teaching you unlock all the net setter its not only for IDEA Net setter.
Things you need is :
1 Universal Master Code by THL
2 And Idea Net setter .
3 Mind :D
Well Now take your Netsetter  and see its back. You can see a 15 digit number that  is your Net setter IMEI number. So open Notepad and type that IMEI number into Notepad. After that plugin your Net setter and Open universal master code(which we have downloaded) and enter your IMEI number(which we have already copied  into notepad) and press calculate it will generate flash and unlock code.
Now connect your USB idea net setter and install net setter software from there and run it
Also put a non IDEA SIM
It will ask you for unlock code , also it will show you that you  have 10 attempts Put the unlock code generated from universal master code.
And press Enter