18 October 2012

VanishCrypt – Virtual Encryption Tool

VanishCrypt – Virtual Encryption Tool by SecurityLabs.in
                                  It's a Freeware Utility to Secure Your Data.


> VanishCrypt? is app with which you can create a virtual disk contains your secret files.

> Data is protected with a Encrypted Password.

> The files are completely unaccessible without the correct password!

> Stored files are encrypted with strong CryptoAPI.

Additional Features:
> It have "Advanced Mode" with you can create a real virtual drive accessible in Explorer that contains your files stored in the vdisk image.
> It uses Win32 API for I/O operations for a great speed improvements

File info:
Report date:        2011-11-02 14:23:16 (GMT 1)
File name:            vanishcrypt-exe
File size:               8.33 Mb
Space Required    11.9 Mb
MD5 hash:         76be0d16e0e32cb46fda68899547e320
SHA1 hash:          f6074676ef6e784410f23198b79099708fbd6696
Status:                 Clean
Link:                    http://goo.gl/bWYAt

Supported Operating systems:
VanishCrypt supports Win9x, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, WinVista and Win7 and Linux under wine.

Documentation is Present at: http://code.google.com/p/vanishcrypt/

Video Tutorial On usage of This Tool:

Download VanishCrypt : http://goo.gl/OZXYA

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