05 July 2011

Tympass !!!

Hello everyone,
For the past few years i have been thinking that there must be some  place or adda where we can show d power of our imagination,show how much  passionate we are, shows thing which we love, where we can show our talent..
Generally in our System d thing which matters only is getting  percentage in regular studies. Everybody is in race to get marks,they are mad about of getting ahead wid their  colleagues. In dis race we forget about our passion,hobbies,dreams and sometimes its a hidden talent which gets wasted in this race.
we always make our passion as our favourite timepass and it is never  practiced or developed. And it is counted in extra curricular activities.  But in reality its our real identity.Its our passion which should come before ourwork. Just imagine friends how good can we be if we make our favourite  passtime as our profession. We can share our knowledge in our related fields and it will help us to become better. Many of us have watched the movie “Faltu”. Lets make it a reality..

Ur passion can be anything like “CRITICS OF MUVIES”,” Its can be  RAVE PARTIES “, ” CALLIGRAPHY “, ” FASHION “, ” HACKING “, ” POETRY “, ” CYCLING “, ” MUSIC “,” POLITICS “, ” D WORLD AS U SEE “… Its can be anything.
“”Remeber u r born to live
dont live bcoz u r born
dont go d way’s life takes u
take life d way u go!!””
So here we provide u a place(adda) where u can explore D world of ur dreams, share ur passion, show ur knowledge.  So lets enjoy our Dreams  n lets other enjoy too.  Its the place where every one can discover the different Worlds of Various fields. This will motivate ourselves, like I like writing poetry and when i will be praised for my work here then Obviously my confidence level will reach to a height. And believe me friends You will happy when you will share ur work with others. So live ur dreams and have a nice jour ney on OUR Adda…
So share DIL KHOL KE … on tympass.com

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