03 April 2011


Definition: A technology which uses Internet Protocols for transmissions. VoIP enables users of broadband Internet access to make phone calls to other VoIP users and regular phones.
VoIP provides cost savings over traditional land-line phone long distance and cell phone long distance charges.
VoIP can also be used for voice mail and fax mail applications, reducing the need to print documents or have access to email applications.

VoIP takes advantage of Internet Protocols by using packet networks to transmit voice data.
VoIP services work directly through your computer using a headset or special VoIP phone, while others require a special adapter which is attached to your regular phone.

Also Known As: Internet telephony, IP telephony, Voice Over IP

Here is a list of the most prominent VoIP services providers of this type:

1. Vonage

Vonage tops my list because it delivers the goods. The price is not the lowest, but not the highest as well. Call quality is great, as well as the service and all it entails, including the features and customer service. The adapter is provided for around $40, refundable on returning it. 14-day trial.

2. Lingo

For $21.95 a month, Lingo offers unlimited calling to the US, Canada and 22 other countries. There are around 25 features with the servoce, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Equipment comes free.

3. Voip.com

Voip.com offers VoIP service at a price lower than most of the competition, $16.95 per month. Among the strong points are a huge amount of features, the softphone that ships with the service, and a second line and voicemail for your mobile phone. They provide a Grandstream ATA, shipped free. A 30-day money back guarantee allows you to try the service.

4. BroadVoice

If you make a lot of international calls, Broadvoice is the company to subscribe to. It offers service plans that are specifically tailored to users that call mostly outside the US, without however sacrificing local calls. Another interesting thing with Broadvoice is its BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme, whereby you can bring along your own device and sign up with a fee starting at $5.95 a month. The service works with most SIP-capable devices. The money back guarantee period is 30 days.

5. Packet8
Packet8 is an important player in the VoIP market as it has a series of services, including a hosted PBX and a mobile VoIP service called MobileTalk. The price is the standard $24.95, and with $5 more you can call unlimited to 40 countries. It has an activation and a termination fee and 30 days trial period. They provide an IP phone instead of an ATA. You can use their softphone SoftTalk for free.

Free VOIP Services

1. Brosix: Within Brosix’s corporate-messaging suite, you can make VoIP calls as easily as you can IM your co-worker. Brosix offers a free trial.

2. Ekiga: Ekiga provides free VoIP for Linux enthusiasts.

3. Express Talk: Express Talk is a softphone download with free VoIP-to-VoIP connections.

4. Globe7: Globe7 offers free PC-to-PC calls with a galaxy of gadgets and information including horoscopes and recipes.

5. Google Talk: With no download required, Google Talk is one of the easiest PC-to-PC VoIP applications to use.