21 February 2011

Being invisible in FACEBOOK

Hello frnds,
This tutorial is for being invisible in facebook [like in



At times, one may want to chat with someone without knowing others.

Then this thing will bring great help to you.

Many of members may be knowing this..
good for others...

Step 1: In bottom right of the FB window, there is chat

option...click it!!

Step 2: Now click on friends list..

Step 3: Create the list named, say [DearOnes]..

Step 4: Now see in chat window there will be a small [edit] written in front of [DearOnes List]..click on it.

Step 5: Then add your dear ones in it, to whom you want to do chat in private

Step 6: Refresh your page.

Step 7: See there will be [Other Friends list] and many other if you have created more before in the chat box...

Step 8: Now see that is there any [green color oval] after every friend list, now u just have to click on that oval to make that friends list offline and you have to do this for every friends list you created, this will turn you offline to them, and the oval now be showing gray color.



  1. make the content visible!

  2. Realllllly do you think its something others dnt know...........
    or is it called any hack lol
    plzzzz dnt make fun of hacking yaar