29 January 2011

G00gle Hacking

  Hello frnds,
Bsically this post is for normal user or for those who a new bies to internet.
Last week i met many of people who have no idea about the google hacking,so this post is specially for them.
 So much information is on the web, its mind boggling. Thankfully we have searchengines to sift through them and catagorize them for us. Unfortunatly, there is still so much info that even with these search engines, its often a painstakingly slow process (something comparable to death for a hacker) to find exactly what you're looking for.

Lets get right into it.
 A. "xxxx" / will look for the exact phrase. (google isnt case sensitive)
B. -x / will search for something excluding a certain term
C. filetype:xxx / searches for a particular file extention (exe, mp3, etc)
D. -filetype:xxx / excludes a particular file extention
E. allinurl:x / term in the url
F. allintext:x / terms in the text of the page
G. allintitle:x / terms in the html title of that page
H. allinanchor:x / terms in the links

These are some techniques of searching  in shorter way or we can sat that using a g00gle in smart way. Approx dere is 2000 techniques, which we can immplement on g00gle.
So here is the most smarter way

 Here is the tool which can help u do g00gling