04 December 2010

Facebook & Orkut Hacking Tricks by JavaScript

HI frnds,

This is my first post.. so please beware with me..

Here i want to aware u with an latest hack in a facebook/orkut world.this is one of the most popular trick through more than 20,35,000 accounts are hacked.

Do you receive any message/scraps which is advertising "Phhilphing the pictures" Do you click on that link to change your Orkut theme ? Or Do you receive any message saying "Free mobile recharge" or "change your theme"? Do you click on that link ? If your answer is “yes” then you are victim of Orkut Hack Tricks.

And this is most used Facebook/Orkut Hack Tricks type known as

Java Script Hacking


Facebook/Orkut Hack Tricks via cookie Stealing”.

What is JavaScript :-Java Script is programming in general and scripting in particular language which is used by most of the web developers.

How its work?

Hack Tricks :

1) Login to your Facebook/orkut account. Now click on “Profile” link.
2) You will Found URL at address bar of Firefox :
3) Copy the UID shown by arrow in image and replace with ”YOURUIDHERE” in the JavaSvript.
4) Now send this link to your victim by scrap or post with words like “Free Mobile Recharge” or “Hot Shakira Video”.
Now, just check your scrapbook, when victim click on link, you will find his cookie in your scrapbook.
5) Now, Go to Tools-> Cookie Editor. and press ‘Refresh’.
6) Double Click on it replace with Victim’s cookie. And put your UID in the place of victims UID and Logout from your Facebook/Orkut account and login again.
Thats it. Now, You are in victim’s Homepage.
And, You successfully applied Java Script Hack Tricks .

And if you want the Java Script which is used in this, then post ur ID in commnet box so i mail you.And please note this java script is only for Educational purpose only.