22 October 2010

Ubuntu’s Netbook Edition: Now With More “Unity”!

Hello frnds,
Today post is on latest version of ubuntu's netbook edition.
Brand new netbook edition is simplay amazing...

Ubuntu Netbook Edition brings all the advantages of Ubuntu to your netbook – now with Unity, an innovative user interface super-optimised for smaller screens. And, of course, it's free.

In many ways, though, this release is pretty cool. The visual effects are pretty cool, but not so over-the-top that they distract. Click the desktop icon; see all your desktops.

The Ubuntu team is trying out a lot of new things here, and a lot of it works really well. Some of it is pretty slow, which may frustrate those of us with lower-grade netbooks, but overall the design shows a lot of promise. I’m going to use this as long as I can, and am very excited to see how the interface progresses. If you’re interested, head over to Ubuntu.com and download the Netbook version. You might like it.
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