14 September 2010


Hiii frnds,
Dis is Shashank, Now today's post is on Cloud Computing.it is an hottest tech. in market n many students eager to know abt cloud computing, so i decide to write on it. basically in cloud computing, cloud is matter for describing the Internet.And cloud computing means is the using of Internet for ur computer needs.
Basically its just a os on Internet, n it provide a facility of desired os with your compatible tool at any place
 And d most interesting thing u can upload ur files,music etc.
now i am telling u abt 3 Cloud Computing system which is totally freee.

here u first sign up den u can access free os and basically dis  os is best for programmers.
its provide good programing enviorment.

2.http://www.oos.cc known as ICUBE
Dis os is very simple to operate an its quite simillar to windows, so if u r user friendly with
dis 1 is the best for u.

Dis os is known as IOS and dis is my favorite one bcoz dis contain so many inbuilt application
and so many to access it.
and most interesting thing u can also use ur os on ur cell phone.
And u also notice that it contain d browser so, it create a gud oppurtunity of PROXY